Saturday, July 6, 2013

Seven Months Old

The pages of my calendar keep turning, and my baby keeps getting older.


I love every milestone Justin reaches, but each one also makes me a bit nostalgic for when he was new and squishy and NEEDED ME a touch more.

That being said, this little devil makes me (and his daddy and brothers) very happy. :)

At seven months, Justin:

--is still right around 18 to 18.5 lbs (no official weight check for another two months--but that means no shots until then either, so hey, it's COOL).
--comfortably wears all his 9-month outfits. I'm a little nervous I'll actually have to go out and buy 12-month summer outfits because I don't have them from his brothers, and dude just keeps growing.
--drinks three 8 oz. bottles a day and has one "real food" feeding. We recently took away his after-nap (fourth) bottle because he didn't seem to want it, and he's adjusted smoothly. Probably gonna add another food feeding as well.
--has not had much success with baby puffs or mum-mums, but no worries. We'll offer again in a few days/weeks. All in his time. Not like he's starving or anything.

--hasn't popped out any more teeth, but he's definitely working on a few. Check back next month for the count.
--still needs support when sitting, but he's getting better. He can hold his own in the high chair now, so we'll be passing the bumbo chair on to my sister for her impending addition.
--LOVES to giggle at his brothers. Doesn't matter what they're doing; if they're within his line of sight, he's laughing at them. And it's a beautiful thing. :)
--claps, which for some reason seems early to me. I dunno. But with his chunky little arms, it's just too cute to watch.


--actually took a pacifier the other day when his gums were driving him c-r-a-z-y. It wasn't very long before he was over it, but man, that was an odd sight.
--would spend all day pulling on my hair if he could. Needless to say, I've had it pulled back in a ponytail during waking hours. This kid is STRONG.
--is still my happy, content little man. He smiles and cuddles and entertains himself if I'm busy with the other two. And Mommy continues to be just smitten.

See how he compares to Aiden and Nolan at seven months old :)


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