Friday, July 5, 2013

Instagram catch-up

Again, it's SUMMER. Enjoying time together means lots of photos and few words :)

  Sunday 6/23/13: Hot & sweaty at Aiden's T-ball game.

 Sunday 6/23/13: Backyard kiddie pool time! 
Too bad the pool popped after Day 1. :(

 Monday 6/24/13: My childhood nickname as a doll.
I really should have bought this.

 Tuesday 6/26/13: I'm covered in boys!!! That I made!!!

 Wednesday 6/26/13: Abby, Me (& my triple-chin), and Angie 
volunteering at 2nd & 7 Foundation's Football FUNdamentals Camp. Good times :)

 Wednesday 6/26/13: Nolan NEEDED an autographed football!!!

 Thursday 6/27/13: Big enough to handle the highchair. Sheesh.

Friday 6/28/13: Gotta say I love getting four hours to myself on Fridays :)
 Saturday 6/29/13: The rainbow followed us for an hour. So pretty.

 Tuesday 7/2/13: Aiden can't take a normal photo lately :)

 Wednesday 7/3/13: Modeling his new backpack for kindergarten. He's so OLD.

 Wednesday 7/3/13: Ice cream treat :)

 Wednesday 7/3/13: Goofing around while watching 
"The Sandlot" and waiting for Cbus fireworks on TV.

 Thursday 7/4/13: Chillin' with Daddy on the Fourth.

 Thursday 7/4/13: Daddy cuddles :)

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