Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last few weeks in Instagram

Summertime catch-up :)

Sunday 6/9/13: Team photo

 Sunday 6/9/13: Justin's first selfy :)

 Sunday 6/9/13: New sand in the sandbox.
Much of it ended up in my kitchen.

 Monday 6/10/13: His attempts at crawling are...interesting.

Tuesday 6/11/13: Fro-yo time :)

 Thursday 6/13/13: Thunder-thighs barely fits into the bumbo chair...

 Sunday 6/16/13: Stylin' at T-ball
 Sunday 6/16/13: Papa came down to watch a game for Father's Day :)

 Monday 6/17/13: Shenanigans

 Monday 6/17/13: As I posted on Facebook, he gets this from his daddy. :)

Tuesday 6/18/13: Looks like someone's practicing for the team in a few years...

 Thursday 6/20/13: Buddha-belly baby boy in a bubble bath :)

 Thursday 6/20/13: I've suddenly found time to scrapbook again.
Which is great, 'cause I've got A LOT to catch up on...

 Saturday 6/22/13: What I did instead of cleaning my house...

Saturday 6/22/13: What we do in Ohio when it's hot and we don't have pool access.

Saturday 6/22/13: Family ice cream date.
The boys were so well-behaved that I started to worry.

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