Thursday, June 6, 2013

Six Months Old

I thought about titling this post "In Which My Baby Decides He Is Not One."

You think I'm joking. Not even close.

Justin has reached the half-year point. The memory of his birth, though just a short six months ago, already comes to mind with the nostalgic haze of new baby freshness, instead of the more sober reality (thrombocytopenia and preeclampsia set against a backdrop of layoffs at my company).

And yet, I have this baby who wants nothing more than to grow bigger, faster, stronger everyday. He's succeeding.

It's all downhill to his first birthday (SQUEE!) from here on out.

At six months, Justin:

--weighs a scale-tilting 18 lbs even (75th percentile). Though he was my smallest baby at birth, he's my largest at six months, notching a full pound more than runner-up Nolan. And that 75th number has never been mentioned for our family in a doctor visit before :)
--has just moved to size three diapers, and is spilling out of his six-month outfits. Time to bring out the bin of nine-month clothes.
--eagerly eats anything I try with him. Sometimes I get some weird expressions after the first bite of a new food, but after that, it's game on.
--popped out A SECOND TOOTH LAST WEEK (as seen below).

--thinks he's Chewbacca. He has this growly coo that is just hysterical.
--would rather stand. As in all the time. On a whim the other day, I set his little feet on the floor and let him hold onto the coffee table. He stood there for a good three minutes, smiling, screeching and just pleased as punch.
--has mastered rolling. He ends up in some weird spaces in the living room. And I'm not the only one who's noticed; Aiden asked me just this evening, "Did you put him over here, Mom?"

--seems to have some hair coming in. It makes me giggle that when he was born, he had no hair on the top of his head. For the past few months, he's only had hair on top of his head. Now it seems to be returning around the back and sides.
--had his first non-well visit to the doctor over the weekend. Little bugger had pinkeye. But a puffy right eye and some nasty drainage didn't seem to bother him the slightest.
--continues to have the sweetest disposition. He's just so darned nice. The only thing that wrinkles his nose is when I'm not fast enough to get his food ready when he's hungry. And even that is easily remedied.

See how he compares to Aiden and Nolan at six months old. :)


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