Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our week in Instagram

We had a pretty busy week. Not everything made it to Instagram, but it was pretty close!

 Monday 5/27/2013: I still can't believe I helped create all these people.

 Monday 5/27/13: Ready for his very first T-ball practice.

 Wednesday 5/29/13: Just cuddlin' with Daddy. 

 Thursday 5/30/13: His smile revealed that Tooth #2 has arrived. Craziness.

 Friday 5/31/13: Daddy antics at the Zoo. 
Apparently he wasn't as exciting as the animals.

 Friday 5/31/13: Oh, you know, just hangin' out next to the leopard.

 Saturday 6/1/13: It's been a year since we lost PooPoo.
These visits just aren't the same.

Sunday 6/2/13: First-ever T-ball game. 
And his XXS pants are still to big. :)

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