Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life Lately

It's been a crazy few weeks--hence the blog silence. Let's get caught up.

Aiden started Kindergarten a few weeks ago! Just as I suspected, it's been a seamless transition for him. I LOVE hearing about what he's learned each day and helping with his homework.

Nolan is on a mad dash to his third (THIRD!) birthday next month. We've tried to start potty-training a few different times with him (we even managed to get his first "sprinkle" in the potty!), but I just don't think he's quite there yet.

Justin spends all his time plotting how he can join in his brothers' mischief. More details tomorrow, but just know my little man is crawling and pulling up on furniture. As I tell Mike, this is why I'm tired.

Me? Well, I've had a bit of a rough month dealing with some health issues. I'm hoping it's all figured out now and things get back to normal. One thing is for sure--I couldn't be more excited that BUCKEYE FOOTBALL IS BACK!!! Well, that and Pumpkin Spice Chai at Starbucks... :)

Mike just keeps on keepin' on, working hard so this whole circus can continue. We're excited for fall and all that comes with it.

Hope to see you around these parts more often :)

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