Monday, September 30, 2013

Week in Instagram

Well, haven't done one of these posts or ANY posts in awhile. But it's FALL, and apparently we tried to jam ALL THE THINGS into the first week. Good times prevailed. :)

Sunday 9/22/13: We went to the pumpkin patch on the FIRST day of Fall. We totally win at Fall.

Tuesday 9/24/13: Time for your checkup! Time for your checkup! 
Aiden did great--and we found out he's got two loose teeth already.

Thursday 9/26/13: FALL IS AWESOME (noticing a theme yet?)!!!

Friday 9/27/13: Ladies & Gents, we've got a cruiser :)

Saturday 9/28/13: Apple-picking with the family! SUCH a good time. 
Sidenote, if you need apples, we still have about 496 left.

Saturday 9/28/13: Classic Buckeye ice cream at the Velvet Ice Cream Old Mill.
Huge, and delicious.

Saturday 9/28/13: THIS!!! YOU NEED TO BUY THIS!!!

Sunday 9/29/13: Early morning trip to the park before the rain. 
Such a great weekend with my boys.

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