Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grandpa's Surprise 80th Birthday Party

This past weekend we headed up to Mansfield to help surprise my Grandpa with a party for his 80th birthday. Since Grandpa used to be captain of the Mansfield Fire Department, the theme was--what else?--FIRE! Grandpa was truly surprised and touched, as all nine of his daughters were able to attend, and most of his grandkids, too! My Aunt Jodi even arranged for him to be taken home by the ladder truck. :) Everyone had a great time eating cupcakes, hitting pinatas, and wearing firemen hats! Aiden slept through pretty much the whole thing, but I'm sure he had a great time, too!
Grandpa1Kimmie & Aiden1Mike & IPooPoo & Aiden

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  1. I am still having fun!!! Thanks for coming!