Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Month Old!

Aiden has been here for a month, but it seems like we just brought him home yesterday! As you can see from the photos, this guy is chunking up quite a bit; we go to the pediatrician on Tuesday to find out his exact weight, but Mike & I are pretty sure he's over 8 lbs already.

A few things about our little guy at one month:

--He is getting better at only getting up once during the night--we hope we've turned the corner!
--He really is starting to enjoy having a bath, but he still tries to eat the washcloth when it's near his face!
--This guy is DEFINITELY a stomach sleeper--he naps much more soundly while laying on Mommy or Daddy's chest (not to worry--we make sure he's on his back when he's in his crib or pack-n-play).
--We've given him quite a few nicknames: Babykins, Buddy-boy, Cuddle Monkey, Frank Sinatra, Old Blue Eyes, and on and on and on.
--He's never really had a problem holding his head up--he really likes to study the face of whoever is holding him.
--Aiden loves to sit up in the Boppy--it helps him get a better look at things.
--We're really excited that he's starting to coo and smile--it just makes you melt to think he's trying to communicate!

So there's your one-month update. We're still getting adjusted to this whole thing, but it's getting easier. Here's to many more months of fun!


  1. Yes, he is chunking up! Can't wait to see him again. Looks less and less like a newbie and seems to be getting his personality!