Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Gift of Time

I'm not sure what you're supposed to receive as your second anniversary gift (I think the 1st anniversary is supposed to be paper), but Mike and I had a theme for our gifts this year--we each got each other a timepiece! I bought Mike a watch he'd had his eye on, and he gave me the Kit Cat Clock I'd always wanted--the one where the eyes and tail move! I can't wait until I have a kitchen to hang it in.
To my surprise, Mike didn't stop there--he also gave me the jewelry box that matches the frame our wedding photo is in. I'm a lucky girl with a thoughtful husband :)
Today, we're taking an in-town vacation; Mike's mom got us a hotel room for the evening, and we've got dinner reservations at Marcella's as well as (weather permitting) plans to hit the go-carts (or "Good Clean Fun" as Mike calls it). Should be good times, but it's the first time we'll not have Aiden with us overnight. He'll be in Mimi's good hands, however, so no worries!

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  1. Have fun and be "safe!" (*chuckle* *chuckle*)