Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FIve Months Old

Another month gone by, leaving me scratching my head yet again. Where is the time going?! How on earth do I have a five-month-old child when it still feels like I'm not that far removed from being five months pregnant?! And yet here Aiden is, in all his adorable baby glory. He's getting more personality everyday, almost to the point that I want to tap his little nose and say "Slow down! Mommy's not ready for you to grow so fast!" But at the same time, I'm so proud of all his accomplishments.
A snapshot of Aiden at five months:
--He LOVES to hear himself talk! We'll lay him on his mat or in his bouncy chair, and he'll start chatting up a storm, oftentimes getting quite loud. Very entertaining--not just for him!
--Aiden's got a few new nicknames; since his hair has taken on a bit of a copperish tint, Daddy has been calling him "Penny Head". I, meanwhile, have been calling him "Scooter" since in the mornings he always ends up at the opposite end of the crib than where I placed him the night before. We still call him Buddy & Monkey as well.
--He had a few weeks there where he kind of back-peddled on the amount of formula he would eat (we were lucky to get him to take 20 oz. total some days), but he's back up around the 30 oz. level again. He also didn't take too well to being spoon-fed the rice cereal, so we've been mixing it into his evening bottle to get him used to the texture--we hope to restart the spoon feedings in the next week or so.
--Aiden absolutely LOVES when Daddy gets home from work; the second Mike walks in the room, those eyes get huge and he is all smiles & giggles. Makes my heart happy. :)
--Along those same lines, he loves to play "Boxing" and "Airplane" with Daddy, while he's a big fan of "This Little Piggy" and "Shake Your Baby Booty!" with Mommy.
--We're definitely starting to see more thumb-sucking out of this little guy; we're on the lookout for those teeth to start popping.
--Aiden is getting more interested in touching faces and such; I almost melt when he reaches for my nose or mouth with that goofy curious look on his face.
--I've had to store more of his smaller clothes away; he's hovering between 3-9 months (!) depending on the brand. It's great to seem him in some new outfits, but it's really hard to let go of the smaller ones!
I almost had a bit of a meltdown this morning--I planned on taking Aiden's pictures after I got home but before I headed over to the new house, but then I realized Mr. Bibbly was already at the new house! Luckily I left in time for work this morning to stop by and pick him up. Another crisis averted :)


  1. Love the "Penny Head" nickname :)

  2. Kimmie- I LOVE Lydia's box! It's so sweet. We actually used it at the shower so everyone would get to see it. I'm so excited to put it in her room!