Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Staring at Papa

My parents visited last night; they'd been to the house for our move-in, but now that it's looking more like a home, it was time for them to see it again. Well, that and I had volunteered my mom to alter the living room curtains (they were a bit long, but they were 90% off at Linens N Things going-out-of-business sale--I just couldn't say no!). Luckily, Dad is on vacation this week, so they came down, did the alterations, we all had pizza, and then they went home.
While mom was sewing at the table, Aiden couldn't take his eyes off my dad--probably because he was wearing an OSU jersey (Aiden LOVES red). I set him on the table closer to my dad, and Aiden started to reach for him! I hadn't seen him do that before, so it was really cute! The photos don't really do it justice.
Other than that, we're just living life and looking forward to a three-day weekend--complete with the first Ohio State game of the season! GO BUCKS!!!


  1. Now iron your curtains and post a picture of the fabulous job your mom did.

  2. HAHA! I love the picture were Abby snuck a funny face in. She always manages to do that!

  3. Thats cute but I also noticed the funny faces from Abby, Thats Great!