Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Before My Eyes

Aiden is changing so quickly right before us, and it's starting to really startle me a bit. Everyday he has a new sound, a new expression, and a new talent. He's trying to form words, like "go" and "I love you" (though "Dada" is still his favorite), he's DEFINITELY getting a little attitude (he's NOT afraid to tell you what he does and does not like), and he's really starting to get a hang of his maneuverability. He gets into EVERYTHING--the cupboard, the fireplace (even though it's blocked off!), the "restricted area" behind the recliner, and anywhere else his little heart desires. He will, however, probably stay away from the carbon monoxide detector from now on; he pressed the test button earlier this week, and its shrill cry pretty much scared him to death until Mommy came to the rescue.

I'm loving every second of this. :)

And now a few pictures of this little goofball so you can see what I'm talking about--check out those silly expressions!!!

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