Saturday, February 21, 2009

A fun night

For Valentine's Day, I got Mike & I tickets to last night's OSU v. M*ch*gan hockey game. OSU hockey was another date activity we enjoyed early in our relationship, so like ice-skating, it's fun to revisit those times. It's also nice that I got the tickets for only $5 a piece through work :) Unfortunately, the game itself wasn't very good (we actually left between the 2nd and 3rd periods because it was 4-0 in favor of those nasty Wolverines), but at least OSU took the opportunity to remind UM of how we have OWNED their football team in recent years with some pointed "trivia" on the scoreboard. Classic. :)
Since John, Abby & Sean also attended the game and also decided to leave early, we all headed over to Rooster's for a few beers afterward. We had an awesome time telling & listening to each other's crazy stories. Mike was definitely in his element as the Friday Night Fights were showing on a TV within our view, and he could espouse his boxing knowledge. He also laughed harder than I'd ever seen at a particularly goofy story of his (I think the details are better left untold here). Definitely a fun night out :)

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