Monday, February 23, 2009

First Playdate

Aiden & I headed over to Lawrene's house on Saturday so that he, Quentin, and Rachel could all have a playdate. We had a fantastic time! Lawrene made us a delicious lunch (tortelini with vodka cream sauce, a salad and garlic bread for the adults; plums and tortelini for the boys, and formula for Miss Rachel). Afterwards, the we took the kids down to Quentin's playroom and took a lot of photos while the kids played. It was so fun to watch the three of them interact. They're all pretty close in age; Aiden is about 5 weeks older than Quentin, and just over three months older than Rachel. I feel lucky to have great moms around, and now that this will be a monthly event, I'm really looking foward to it!

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