Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Week Down South

Let me start out by stating the obvious: Hilton Head--actually, southern South Carolina in general--is a beautiful place, even in the darkening season of fall. We had a great time, despite a few drawbacks (chilly weather, a jerk living in the condo below us, Aiden's new-found love of temper tantrums, etc.). Here's the day-by-day scoop:
Saturday, 10/10: A LONG drive through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and finally South Carolina. Aiden actually handled it okay, considering he had to sit in that car seat for 12 hours. We were stunned by how warm it actually was when we finally stopped; it had been in the 50s when we left Ohio, but we were greeted by a humid 87 degrees in HH!
Sunday, 10/11: After dropping Mimi & Grandpa off in Savannah to spend the week with Jeff, Sara, & Christopher, we headed back to the condo and enjoyed some time on the beach. Joel, Heidi, & Gary arrived later, so we walked out on the beach some more and then went to a great pizza place for dinner. Aiden was happy to have someone closer to his age around!
Monday, 10/12: After a morning swim in the pool (which Aiden LOVED), we took another stroll on the beach and then headed to Harbor Town to look at the lighthouses and the big yachts. It was HOT, but then a storm rolled through and cooled things off. We were sad to see the Vegas leave that evening.
Tuesday, 10/13: Aiden turned 19 months old today! The weather was supposed to be yucky, but it was actually a very pretty, mild day. We headed to the outlet mall in the morning, then had THE BEST BBQ EVER at Jim N Nick's Southern Kitchen (we liked it so much, we had it twice more during the week). We spent the rest of the day just relaxing.
Wednesday, 10/14: It rained. Hard. All day. But no big deal. We were lucky enough to head to Beaufort, SC to visit my Aunt Kitty. We got to see her beautiful house, and then we got a quick if soggy tour of the city's new waterfront. We also headed to Dockside for a delicious dinner of fresh seafood. It was so fun to visit with Aunt Kitty, and we hope to head back down soon!
Thursday, 10/15: We headed back to Savannah to help Christopher celebrate his 1st birthday. We ended up getting to GA early, though, so we headed over to Tybee Island to see the lighthouse, and then we VERY quickly visited Fort Pulaski. Then it was off for birthday fun at the Cotter's! What a fun birthday party :)
Friday, 10/16: With Mimi & Grandpa back with us for another rainy day, we headed up to Charleston, SC so that Mike & Grandpa could visit the Yorktown. Mimi, Aiden & I drove around the city, and we hope to go back someday since there was a lot of historical stuff to look at (though it would have been too hard to do with a stoller and the rain).
Saturday 10/17: The long drive back to a very cold Ohio. Aiden didn't do too bad this trip either, but I was in a rather foul mood after hearing my Buckeyes blew it against an inferior team.
So now we're back, and I've got a rather annoying milestone staring me in the face at the end of this week. Not going to think about that, though--I've got some seashells to clean and some sand to shake out of our suitcases.


  1. I love those tropical shirts on Aiden! He looks toooo grown up wearing those. I can't believe how big Gary looks now. That picture of Christopher chowing down on the cupcake is too funny. Nice to see Kitty! The pictures look like the weather was wonderful, not like the snow we drove home in! Maybe you will get to go back someday.