Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Long Weekend: The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY

So for the most part, we had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend. Saturday was the coolest day, at around 85ish degrees. Mimi was kind enough to watch the boys for us so Mike & I could grab lunch and then see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was okay; different by far from the first three movies, and there was a subplot that I found unnecessary and annoying, but overall it was still enjoyable. One thing I was NOT thrilled about was the group of teeny-boppers that would make fun of a mentally disabled many every time he laughed at an inappropriate moment. I've never been closer to telling someone off in my life. :(

On Sunday, we headed up to my folks' house for a visit. Despite the climbing temperatures, we had a great time, especially since we got to visit with my grandparents as well!

Aiden had a great time running through the sprinkler.

And Nolan was perfectly content to cool off by sitting in his own bucket of water. :)

Monday was an odd day. It didn't start out well with the announcement that Jim Tressel had resigned as head football coach for the Buckeyes. It's amazing the damage that dumb decisions by immature "star" athletes can cause. Their actions ruined an amazing career, and have tarnished my favorite team. It's gonna take awhile to get over, but I took my frustrations out by pulling weeds in my flower beds in the 90-degree heat. Mike & Aiden worked on building the boys' swing set.

It's almost complete, save for attaching the slide once we get the correct screws (you'd think they'd QC those kits).

Then my guys graciously held still long enough for me to get a photo of them together, which lately is no tiny feat:

I CANNOT BELIEVE how big Nolan is getting. Just this week alone, he a) got his first two teeth! b) figured out how to get out of the bumbo chair, and c) learned how to clap on demand! See the video below for the proof...

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