Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seven Months Old

We are more than half-way to Nolan's first birthday. E-friggin'-gads. I looked at my clock today around 12:20ish, and realized that seven SHORT months ago at that time, I was waiting on my final blood test to find out whether or not I'd need knocked out for my C-section. Luckily, the answer was no, and I was able to witness Nolan's angry, screaming face above that sterile green curtain. And boy, does seven months make a difference; Nolan has morphed from Angry Newborn to Sweetest Baby Ever. I used to tell folks what an easy baby Aiden was, and no offense to my darling first-born, but Nolan is ridiculously easy. No wonder I want another one...but that's another post somewhere far, FAR in the future.

Getting back to No. 2; at seven months, Nolan:

--by my guess alone weighs somewhere around 17 lbs. He still makes my arms tired after holding him for a bit, but it's such a satisfying tired.
--smiles All. The. Time. And it's contagious! He's the happiest, most content baby I've ever seen, and he rarely even fusses, let alone cries.
--is still ridiculously close to erupting two teeth--as in they might come in by the time I'm done typing this post. You can see them, you can feel them--we're ready. So anytime now.
--might be quitting the pacifier on me pretty soon, just like Aiden did. He seems to be finding his thumb lately, so the baby plug isn't the go-to it used to be.
--loves interacting with his brother. He hugs, grabs hair, giggles, everything--and Aiden can't get enough of it!
--continues to be a lover of all things edible, and I've been experimenting with some weird combinations; one of his favorites, believe it or not, is blueberry/pear/purple carrot(!). Yucko to me, yummo to him.
--looks a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e in shorts. I loved last week's warm weather; it meant I could see his pudgey little legs more often than diaper-change time.
--can sit unsupported, but rarely chooses to; he's got this obsession with throwing himself backwards, so I have to back him up with a pillow AT ALL TIMES.
--may be ready to crawl sooner than I'm ready for him to be. He's found his knees while on the floor more than once. And we all know how mobility turns babyhood on its head.
--still is a total Daddy's Boy. I think he would hang out in Mike's lap all day if given the choice. I'm pretty sure Daddy wouldn't mind, either.

So there's your seven-month update. It scares me that next month I could possibly be detailing how many teeth have come in and describing his silly army crawl. I need him to slow down just a bit...

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