Monday, March 5, 2012

Monthly Mumbles, March Edition

10. It's MARCH. That makes me E-X-T-R-E-M-E-L-Y happy. Ecstatic, really. Even though we're finishing up the most mild (and therefore, my most favorite) winter I can remember, just to turn the page on the calendar and see green...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. :)

9. Having a really weird week schedule-wise; we're switching the boys to a new sitter, but she's finishing up her last week of classes and isn't available Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Guess who gets to hang with the boys? THIS GIRL :) Combine that with adjusting to Mike's new work schedule, and I'm feeling just a bit frazzled. No worries, though; I've got fun stuff planned for our off days--lunch with MiMi today, a day with my folks and grandparents on Wednesday, then a day at COSI on Friday.

8. Proud of my Buckeyes for going into East Lansing and denying M*ch*gan State of an outright Big Ten championship. Things were not looking good--they were down by as many as 15 points in the first half--but they played extremely well in the second half and won on a last second shot by William Buford, the team's only senior. I would be lying if I said I wasn't jumping up and down and screaming when that shot went in. Aiden & Nolan joined in, but probably only because Mommy looked so funny. Now on to the conference tourney, and then the Big Dance...I just love March :)

7. I've had a few folks ask me about Molly recently. No worries, she's still here. I will admit that her initial honeymoon period is over, though; we've had a couple of nights of barking, and a few instances of chewed up toys. It also seems that she wants to eat the cats (who to be fair aren't exactly that fond of her, either). So we're working on all that. The boys LOVE her, though; Aiden likes to run around the house with her, and Nolan when he's not throwing all his toys at her likes to wrestle (no joke) with her. So yeah, still a win.

6. Saw this on Pinterest. Pure genius. I'm buying supplies to make a couple today, and if I'm feeling especially ambitious, I may just make a few for my friends, too.

5. Now that the buyer's guilt has waned as far as the purchase of my car, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I FREAKING LOVE THAT CAR. It's only the third one I've ever owned, and as of right now, it's far-and-away my favorite. It's just such a darned smooth ride, and there's so much more room, and the color just screams "GO BUCKS!" I can't wait to get my OSU plates on it once the paperwork arrives. Then I'll feel legit. :)

4. These are supposed to arrive at my house today. So. Stinkin'. Cute. 

3. Need to think of a good idea for the hubster's birthday gift later this month. I had one thing, but I took it back already. They guys got him something really sweet (with some help from Mommy, of course), and we're going out to dinner somewhere special that night, but as far as a tangible gift...hmmmm...

2. We've got family pictures scheduled for Saturday. They're going to be outdoor shots, so I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that the forecast is true, because right now it's supposed to be 57 degrees and sunny. A little help, please.

1. I've got a birthday party to get ready for this Sunday; it seems my Aiden is turning four next week. HOLY CRAP. It doesn't seem possible that he's going to be four. I swear I just brought my squishy baby home from the hospital, and now he's FOUR, for crying out loud. I might just spend his entire birthday hugging him and willing him NOT to get any older.

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  1. So if they are 4 now, and they get married when they are 24, then I have 20 more years to save for the wedding, right?