Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Week (30) in Droid Photos

Sunday 3/4/12: Whatever makes him comfortable, I suppose.

Sunday 3/4/12: Grandpa was not impressed with what was on TV at Rooster's.

Sunday 3/4/12: Daddy showing Nolan how to draw :)

Monday 3/5/12: A day off meant we could meet MiMi for lunch.

Tuesday 3/6/12: First day at the new sitter + no nap = crashing on the couch at home for two hours.

Wednesday 3/7/12: First drive up to PooPoo's in the new ride was smooth. :)

Wednesday 3/7/12: Bathtime buddies :)

Thursday 3/8/12: Trying on Daddy's new equipment.

Friday 3/9/12: Lunch at COSI

Friday 3/9/12: He's been eating SO MUCH BETTER.
I'm crossing my fingers that the worst is behind us.

Friday 3/9/12: Got these PJs on clearance last year and they fit him PERFECT. I want them for myself!

Saturday 3/10/12: Prep for Aiden's bowling party tomorrow is complete.

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  1. Lovely week! Love the bowling theme for a party!!