Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Week (36) in Instagram

Not a very good job of picture-taking this week; most of these are from Friday's Indians game. But with a set of in-laws from each side of the family in town this week, I should have more opportunities, though taking advantage of those might pose a problem...

Friday 7/20/12: We took Aiden to his first Cleveland Indians game.
It was a beautiful evening in the CLE. :)

Friday 7/20/12: Enjoying a HUGE bag of popcorn. :)

Friday 7/20/12: Waiting for the postgame fireworks--which were AWESOME, by the way.

Saturday, 7/21/12: Dealing with diaper rash is EXHAUSTING.

Saturday 7/21/12: Cousins meeting for the first time.
They were pretty unimpressed with one another. :)

Sunday 7/22/12: Sunday morning cinnamon rolls for me & the boys while Daddy's at work.

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  1. What a beautiful family you have!! :) Thanks for sharing. -Mia