Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Week (37) in Instagram

Yeah, I need to get back to a post with actual written content. But, June was a pretty heavy month, so consider July my little reprieve. Plus, It's Summer, Y'all.

Sunday 7/22/12: Mike worked most of the day, so it was just me & the boys. 
I did manage to have this fantastic pizza dinner ready for him 
after 12 hours of EMT work. He was happy :)

Monday 7/23/12: Downed this in about 10 seconds. I was having a MONDAY.

Tuesday 7/24/12: My little monkey, pre-haircut. He whimpered through the whole thing (and so did I).

Tuesday 7/24/12: My happy post-haircut man, who also 
apparently aged four years when losing that inch of hair...

Wednesday 7/25/12: Flamingos are easily the most photographic animals at the zoo--
or am I just saying that because they're only animals I snapped a photo of?

Wednesday 7/25/12: Aiden L-O-V-E-S the carousel.

Wednesday 7/25/12: Nolan wasn't so sure. He was a whimpery mess when it started moving.

Wednesday 7/25/12: Cheesin' with Megan on the Zoo's train.
Wish she & family could visit more often.

Thursday 7/26/12: The boys hung out with their toys on the couch during a 
severe thunderstorm (I had to say "severe" or Aiden would have corrected me).

Thursday 7/26/12: I love my sleepy Mikey :)

Friday 7/27/12/: Breakfast--with Nolan sneaking a peek. :)

Looking at these pictures, I realize I actually missed a plenty of stuff that would have been perfect for a photo (we had LOTS of family visiting this week). I'm going to blame the exhausted-mom-with-two-kids-to-run-after theory.

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  1. i love those starbucks drinks! love them! and flamingos are one of my favorite birds. however, i don't have any of those silly lawn ornaments. those are just silly. :)