Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Week (46) in Instagram

Short on photos this week, but I think I got some decent ones--even if NONE include the kiddos!!!

Monday 10/1/12: Best month of the year. No arguments.
Monday 10/1/12: Straight hair in honor of my mom, 
and glasses because I got an infection in my right eye...

Friday 10/5/12: Our tickets for the game--which may I tell you were 3 rows from 
the VERY top. YIKES. I stopped freaking out sometime in the first quarter...

Friday 10/5/12: How did I spend my Friday evening? Oh, you know--watchin' folks 
drink wine, taking oddly-posed photos with Buckeye legend Archie Griffin...typical. :)

Saturday 10/6/12: Poor Abby had to be my date two nights in a row.
As you can see, she's completely broken up about it.

10/6/12: In addition to witnessing an awesome Buckeye win, we were treated
to the spectacle that is Script Ohio. NOTHING. BETTER.

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