Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monthly Mumbles, November Edition

10. I’m supposed to have a baby in 10 days (unless he wants to come sooner!). Let me say that another way--we are adding a third child to our household IN TEN DAYS. And let me tell you, I’M READY. With Aiden & Nolan, the last two weeks always seemed the hardest, and this is no exception. I think Justin is just as done with his cramped quarters as I am with housing him. Almost time to greet the world.
9. Saturday will mark six months without my mom. I hate this sh*t. L
8. My last platelet count came back the lowest it’s been in any of my pregnancies, so I had to have a consultation with the fetal/maternal department at our hospital. They decided I should take steroids for 10 days (no harm to Justin, of course), and then get another big dose right before surgery. So that’s the plan. To be purely selfish, I'm asking you to please send good thoughts. It’s really not in my plans to be paralyzed from the waist down if I get a clot in my spine.
7. How about those Buckeyes? 12 and O-H, baby. Didn’t seem likely a year ago, and now it’s in the books. Always good to beat M*ch*g*an—the world feels right again. And OH, the possibilities for next season…
6. Nothing makes my heart melt faster lately than hearing Nolan say “Sowwy, Mommy!” No worries, Child—whatever you did is forgiven when you come at me with that munchkin voice and your pudgy arms open for a hug.
5. The Christmas tree & decorations are up, most of my shopping list is complete, and I’ve only got some wrapping & baking left to do. And it’s not December yet. Of course, I’m gonna have a bit more on my plate next month than just the holidays, so I’m proud to be in the position I’m in.
4. Aiden’s preschool Christmas program is the day after I have Justin, so I’ll still be in the hospital and won’t be able to attend. Mom guilt SUCKS.
3. I have no earthly idea what to get Mike for Christmas this year. Shouldn’t a third son be enough? But he works so hard, and I don’t want to cop out…
2. Thinking of getting away from Verizon when our contract is up in March. Taking suggestions on which carrier to go with—and, GO!
1. Reading over numbers 2-10, I feel like all I did in this post is complain. Let me be firm, though—I AM EXCITED to meet the newest member of our family in just over a week! But the planner in me needs to have all my ducks in a row, and there are some extenuating circumstances in certain areas of our lives right now that are preventing that from happening. Deep breathes. Keep calm & carry on. Yeah, all that BS.

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  1. Great job being ready for Christmas already! I hope everything goes smoothly with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery. You are in my prayers. and GO BUCKS!!