Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Week (48) in Instagram

Monday 11/19/12: Worked from home due to a sick babysitter.
This is what was staring at me from the other end of the kitchen table :)

Wednesday 11/21/12: We all got to attend Aiden's Preschool Thanksgiving lunch...

Wednesday 11/21/12: My Number One is definitely my cuddliest child.
And I can't wait to start getting rid of my facial preggo chub.

Friday 11/23/12: Jammies and Mickey Mouse ALL DAY.

11/23/12: The stockings--ALL of them--have been hung :)

Saturday 11/24/12: Slammin' a pre-game Capri sun. :)

Saturday 11/24/12: Celebrating Ohio State's victory over M*ch*g*an with a candy cane :)

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  1. Jams and Mickey is our favorite too. Go Buckeyes!