Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monthly Mumbles, February Edition

10. I'm supposed to be giving Justin a bath right now, but he fell asleep, and I'm just not feeling mean enough to wake him for what apparently amounts to torture in his little mind. I've still got plenty of time to get us both cleaned up before we head out to lunch with a friend today, but I thought what they hey, might as well do my monthly round-up!

9. January 2013 was the fastest month on record in my life. (On that note, I can't believe we're almost halfway through February, too!) I know it's because it's the last extended vacation time I'll ever be on maternity leave (PROMISE), but that rationalization doesn't really help. I still feel like I blinked and lost 31 days.

8. We've been doing an EXCELLENT job on one of our New Year's Resolutions--Mike & I have made some serious progress on our finances. After adding another child to our brood, this was a year I thought this particular goal would be insanely difficult, but refinancing our home loan and getting a lovely tax return have really opened some doors for us.

7. Unfortunately, one item on the New Year's Resolutions list isn't faring quite as well; I've been horrible in my attempt to lose weight. But that's gotta change. I'm NOT enjoying the extra poundage I see every time I catch a sideways glance of myself in the mirror. Gotta get motivated...but of course I just ordered five boxes of Girl Scout cookies. FAIL.

6. The aforementioned tax return is funding one "fun" item; yesterday, we pulled the trigger on bunk beds for Aiden & Nolan. Now it's not a true bunk bed per se, but the lower height and the stairs (as opposed to a ladder) make this mama a bit less nervous about her little men falling from great heights. Plus I'm loving the extra storage. I can't wait for it to arrive next month.

5. Aiden had an interesting weekend; he puked all over himself and his bed two nights in a row. Y-U-C-K. We're totally mystified as to where this is coming from, though, since he shows no sign of being sick. Mike's done a little research, and we're attempting to change his diet (like he's going to eat anything anyway) to see if maybe he's developed a gluten allergy (this can apparently come on at any time)? Last night we were puke-free, but if it happens again, I'm calling the pediatrician. Cleaning up a vomit-soaked bed and throwing a nearly-five-year-old in the shower (all while my 10-week-old snoozes on) are not things I enjoy doing at 3:15 in the morning.

4. Been thinking about Mom an awful lot lately. Truth be told, she's never far from my mind, but she's there even more so in recent weeks. The unfairness of it all just seems to be weighing me down. I want to so badly to share with her all the fun things the boys are doing. And I know "she's in heaven watching down" and "she knows" and all that stuff I'm supposed to say, but it's not the same. I want to hear her response when I tell her what a great sleeper Justin is, or how Nolan says "I wuv ooo!" now, or that Aiden called his harmonica his "hanukkah" the other day. It's the missing interaction that stings the most. :(

3. A few of my friends have had a really crappy year so far, but one in particular has been suffering through the worst kind of injustice. I'm going to remain vague because it's not my place to share, but I hope she knows that she has my complete support. I'm in awe of her strength in handling such a craptastic situation, and I'm confident she'll make it through to see happier days. :)

2. Justin's two-month checkup last week revealed he's a whopping 11 lbs 11 oz, which has jumped him up to the 50th percentile. No more tiny newborn--just a full-fledged infant. And while my uterus is begging to do this again, my brain has been telling it to shut the eff up. Justin will remain the youngest sibling. PERIOD.

1. I have to go back to work next week. I think I'll just leave it at that.

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