Saturday, February 16, 2013

No. 2 and No. 2

My wallet wants I want to live in a world where I'm not diapering two kids at the same time.

I lived there once. I KNOW it exists. We were so lucky with Aiden, who took to potty training relatively easily, and thus was in underwear and (mostly) accident-free by the time Nolan arrived.

And even though there's a five-month-shorter gap between Nolan's and Justin's ages, I had some grand, lofty  aspirations that the same would hold true; that Nolan would magically suddenly "get" that he was destined to use a potty.

As has been typical, however, Nolan has other plans.

He has NO INTEREST in the potty. Zero. Zilch. None.

Our conversation this morning (since I KNEW that a No. 2 was on the way once he finished breakfast):

     ME: Nolan, let's go sit on the potty!

     NOLAN: No, Mommy--no potty! (He then proceeded to defiantly fold his arms across his chest. Pretty sure 
      he considered the topic closed.)

    ME: C'mon, honey--if you poop on the potty, you'll get M&Ms!

    NOLAN: NO, MOMMY!!! NO EM-EMS!!! NO POTTY!!! STOP, MOMMY!!! (And at this point 
     he's wagging his finger at me because I would even DREAM to make such a request.)

Truth be told, I've only just introduced the idea to him. We haven't tried the weekend marathon of underwear-only yet, but it's sounding like a better idea each time I fork over the cash for another pack of size four Pull-Ups.

I also realize all kids are ready in their own time, and that pushing this will probably just make it more stressful for both of us...but MAN, the money we could save, especially since Justin is a pooping MACHINE and goes through diapers like it's his job (which I guess it kinda is...).

I guess I'll just keep offering. At some point, being a Big Boy is going to sound more appealing, right?


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