Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Back Porch

One of the things that I absolutely LOVE about our new house is the back porch. We live in a very quiet neighborhood, and it is so relaxing to just sit back there and browse the internet and just enjoy being outside, ESPECIALLY on a day like today (sunny and lower-to-mid 70s--ahhhhhhhh...). I love to bring Aiden out there with me so he can enjoy some fresh air and do some "tree-watching." Seriously. He likes to stare at trees. It's even better when you take him up to one and let him touch the leaves--then he breaks into giggles. Love that kid :)


  1. What a handsome devil! I can't believe he will be 6 months on Saturday!! I remember just yesterday I was holding this little 6.5-pound dude in the hospital!!