Saturday, September 13, 2008

Six Months Old!

We are halfway to Aiden's first birthday already--can you believe it?! He is certainly wearing his age well (at least in my humble opinion). He's learning more things and getting more personality everyday. I was a bit shocked the other day when he turned his head away from me, and somehow I got a glimpse of how he's going to look in the coming months (just one of those weird epiphany moments we all have). I know he's still a baby, but it seems he's racing through all these first stages at an ever-accelerating pace. We're enjoying every minute of it, though!
Here are a few of Aiden's six-month facts:
--By my estimation (the old standing on the scale without, then with him), our little guy weighs around 15 pounds. He's not the biggest guy, but he is the cutest! :)
--Cereal and orange vegetables are no longer an issue; he's eating both with ease. He's also sitting in his high-chair to eat, and the transition was seamless, much to my surprise!
--Last week, he rolled from his back to his belly unassisted for the first time, and of course I missed it! I was cleaning something in the living room on the other side of the couch after I'd laid him on his back on his mat, and when I popped up to take a look at him, he was on his tummy & elbows, reaching for a toy. I was so proud!
--This is one grabby little boy; it's getting harder to feed him, give him a bath, change him, or do virtually anything without him reaching for whatever is around him.
--Aiden LOVES to suck on his toes, which Mommy just doesn't understand--after all, she has to tell him all the time about his "P-U, Stinky Feet!"
--No teeth yet, but he sure slobbers up a storm!
--He's not all that interested in football yet, but I haven't lost hope--I think a big win by OSU this evening would help a lot!
--Aiden can sit up pretty well as long as his hands are on the ground to prop him up--he's liking his bouncy seat less and less because it doesn't allow the range of motion he wants. The bouncer, however, is quickly becoming a favorite.
--This guy LOVES Bailey (Mike's dog that lives with Mimi & Grandpa); he giggles hysterically when she sniffs him and wacks him with her tail. :)
Being the sentimental, nostalgia-loving sap I am, I created the scrapblog below to document how Aiden has been changing over the past six months. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. AAAWWWWWWWWWW! Hi, Buddy!

  2. How cute! I really want to visit now!!!

  3. What a handsome little man. Don't they grow up too fast?

    Izzy just had her 23 month birthday! Which means next month, she'll be 2 yikes!