Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Aiden went to the pediatrician yesterday; he's 26.5 inches long (between 25 & 50 percentile), but only 15.5 lbs (10 percentile). He's small, but mighty! Dr. Brown said he's just a bit petite, but by no means unhealthy. And he just loves our little guy's curls, as did a woman in the waiting room who told me Aiden is so cute he should be on TV. I got quite a giggle out of that!
In other news, the electricity is still out for a good part of Columbus. No power for the sitter and no work for Mimi means that she's been watching Aiden this week. I think the temporary arrangement is going well for all parties involved!


  1. I am digging the new camera! What kind is it? I need a better one.

  2. That's a nice picture with Aiden and Mary Lou with the sun in the background. Who can tell there is no electric around from all the sun!

  3. He looks so big in the pictures!!!

    I accidentally deleted a TON of comments on my blog recently. Just in case you're wondering... :(