Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike in Columbus

So yesterday pretty much sucked. Saturday night sucked worse (35-3?! Are you KIDDING ME?!), but yesterday was not cool. From about noon until 9 PM, we had constant, crazy, hurricane-force winds. I kid you not--there were gusts up to 75 mph! At about 2:30, Mike & I were talking in his parents' den when we heard this loud cracking, and then an even louder crash. We jumped up at the same time and ran to the front door to discover that the tree across the street had fallen across the road and into the driveway. As you can see, this was a BIG TREE. Mike & a few of the neighbor men all got into Paul Bunyon mode and decided to chop it apart as the winds continued to whip around them. I was too afraid to even stand on the porch and watch because it was crazy. The power went out not long after they finished, and then the rest of the tree fell, so they had to go back out with all their axes and saws and manliness. We ended up staying the night there because more trees fell both up and down the street, so we were a bit stuck. I was thrilled to finally get back to our house this morning and discover the only thing wrong was a blown-over trash can. Whew. And the power was back on when I returned home from work (instead of four days from now like the electric company warned), so I do not need to throw away the contents of my refrigerator. I don't think I will ever move anywhere that is constantly threatened by hurricanes--this was enough for me!!!


  1. And funny enough the people who would be expected to get hurricanes, Jeff and I, never saw a thing. Still we have over a month before our hurricane season is over so we shall see. Glad everything was ok and you guys wernt stuck out anywhere during the storm.

  2. I'm glad nothing happened to your new home!! We lost part of our porch, but due to a neighbor's stupidity with a tree earlier this year, our insurance deductible has already been met for the year and they'll be paying for the porch!