Saturday, July 17, 2010

And Now for Some Old-Time Baseball

In his quest to do all things baseball this summer, Mike has joined the Ohio Village Muffins, the oldest vintage-style baseball club in the country. The club plays ball according to 1860s rules, even dressing in the uniform style of the day (as you can see in the photos, Mike looks especially darling in his pillbox hat & cute red necktie). He had his first game on July 4th, but Aiden & I didn't attend due the heat & humidity. Last night, though, he played in his second game--at some kind of country festival up the road in Plain City--and we let Aiden stay overnight with Mimi so I could watch him play & then we could go out to dinner afterward.

Though we got there just as the game was starting at 7:30, and the sun was still beating mercilessly down, it was a beautiful night for a game. I felt sorry for both teams being in those hot-looking costumes, but Mike told me afterward they weren't actually that bad. There was a great family atmosphere during the game; there was even a gentleman in period dress standing next to the bleachers, giving the crowd a sort of play-by-play since 1860s rules are quite different from the baseball we understand today.

If you're in Ohio and looking for something to do this summer, I highly encourage you to visit the link to the Muffins' Web site above. They'll actually be playing a double-header at the Ohio Reformatory next weekend (very close to my hometown), so if you're interested, you might see us there. Until then, "Huzzah!"


  1. What a fun and unique idea..who knew you could even do something like that?

  2. Fun! Mike looks spiffy in his old time attire!


  3. This is the coolest thing ever! I would loooooove to go to one of these games.