Sunday, August 15, 2010

30 Weeks and a Little Nervous

This pregnancy has DEFINITELY gone faster than Aiden's, but he probably has a lot do with that; I'm busy keeping him entertained, and that's keeping my mind off of the anticipation of welcoming another munchkin into the world. I feel good, which is apparently a weird thing, considering I'm now a high-risk pregnancy. After my glucose test two weeks back, my OB's office called to say my sugar was fine, but my platelets were low--really low, equal to the lowest point I got with Aiden when I was actually in labor. I was looking on the internet (BAD idea, I know, but I have a curious mind), and it looks like if they stay this low, I'll have to be knocked out completely for the delivery. :( So I have my first appointment with a specialist at OSU on Tuesday, and I know I'm getting an ultrasound and probably some more blood work. Hopefully things will be okay; we've already scheduled Nolan's birthday (!) for October 18th, and since I've gotten everything squared away at work for my maternity leave with that date in mind, I'm hoping we don't have to alter things too much. It's frustrating that there's nothing I can do for this, and that this is the second time my body is giving up on me in the third trimester. But as long as my little guy is healthy, I'll do anything...


  1. That's my sister's birthday!

    I had low platelets during both pregnancies, too! As long as they come back up (in my case they did), everything was okay.

    And, if they are low, the only thing is, you can't have an epidural...wait, you said you know the date, so that means a c-section...that does sound a little scarier. I hope and pray they come back up for you like the did with my girls!

  2. Kimmie- I know what you mean about your body not working for you. I've had two labors and two c-sections because the babies weren't in the right position and wouldn't come any further. Probably due to my bone structure. But you feel like it's just not fair and not working right. It's so difficult to feel helpless. I'll be praying that you won't have to be unconscious for your delivery and for all to go well.