Saturday, August 28, 2010

Winding Summer Down

We (finally) had some cooler temperatures this past week, and just that little taste has my mouth watering for fall. Combine the weather with Thursday night's official start of college football--and Mike & I are lucky enough to have tickets to the OSU vs. Marshall game!--and I'm having spells of downright giddiness in anticipation of my favorite season. Well, that & I'm gonna have this baby, too!

My love of fall being expressed, there is still some summer left, and thus still some baseball. Mike's love of the vintage game has recently inspired two things; first, my brother and future brother-in-law have both joined the Ohio Village Muffins as well (I just LOVE all of their expressions and differing takes on facial hair!), and two, he's started his first blog, Huzzah, dedicated to all things vintage base ball. I'm very proud of him on both accounts. Next weekend, as you can read about on his blog, is the Ohio Cup Festival here in Columbus; if you're looking for a fun family event, I highly recommend attending! :)

Mike & I are looking forward to a night out this evening for my bestest bud Angie's 30th birthday (that's RIGHT Angie, I said 30th, not "second 29th"). Today, however, we took a random trip to the Ohio Historical Center with Mimi & Grandpa. If I had ever been there before, I don't remember it, and I was pleasantly surprised; I would love to spend more time looking at all of the artifacts, but perhaps when a certain rambunctious two-year-old can understand and appreciate it a little better (or maybe just after he had a nap).

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  1. You should make that picture of the guys sepia, so it looks aged. That would be great!