Monday, September 27, 2010

3D Ultrasound and What's in a Name?

As promised (since I finally got the wireless router working again, and therefore am able to use my printer/scanner/etc.), here is a beautiful shot of Nolan in 3D. He's a little squished in there, so it's hard to pick up all of his features, but so far I'm thinking he looks a lot like Aiden, but with chubbier cheeks! I'll be pinching those cheeks just three short weeks from today, provided everything goes as planned...

Nolan himself received a rather special & unique gift in the mail last week. When Abby & I attended OSUAA's GNO a few weeks back, former standout linebacker Ryan Miller & I were talking about my obvious baby bump. At the time, he was excited to learn we chose the name Nolan, especially since he has a 13-month-old with the same name! He asked for my address so he could send our Nolan a gift. I gave him my card, but didn't think to much of it--seriously, this guy probably has a lot more to do than send random crazed fans' unborn children gifts by mail. So imagine my surprise & excitement last week to come home to a package in the mail containing these three books from the Second and Seven Foundation, a non-profit formed by three former Buckeyes to give back and "tackle literacy." He also sent us a personalized card! The books are great--super-colorful, and definitely geared a bit more towards boys, as I can tell when Aiden asks for me to read them to him. Just another reason I'm proud to be a part of the Buckeye Nation. :)