Friday, September 3, 2010

Off to a Steamy Start

Life became just that much sweeter last night as the 2010 college football season began. Mike & I braved the ridiculous temperatures (seriously--94 degrees on September 2nd in Ohio?!) along with 105,000 other fans and headed down to the 'Shoe. Despite Mike's late departure from work, we were lucky enough to be in our (rather high up) seats in time to see pregame and TBDBITL. It was also Alumni Band night, so we were able to see an additional 650 band members march, including a 92-year-old man who was in the original Script Ohio in 1936! That's just awesome to me.

What else was awesome to me was how well my Buckeyes played; other than a few hiccups on special teams, they seemed to pick up right where they left off from the Rose Bowl in January. This team really has a chance to be something special, provided they keep their heads on straight and stay away from the injury bug. We actually ended up leaving at halftime because this preggo's feet had swelled so badly (seriously--I could barely stand to wear my slip-on sneakers). OSU was up by 28 points at the time, so I didn't figure they would miss me too much. They have a much bigger challenge when Miami (FL) comes to visit next week, but I'll be watching that one from the comfort of my own home--and with my feet up. :)

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