Saturday, September 25, 2010

8 Months Down & Lots Going On

Just three weeks & two days until Nolan is supposed to get here. As you can see, he's growing quite nicely! I had my fourth (and final) ultrasound on Tuesday, and the tech kept using words like "perfect" and "beautiful" to describe his development. I was even able to see him in 3D (photos to come once I hook my scanner back up), and boy, does he have some chubby cheeks!. She said he's approximately 5 lb 14 oz right now, which puts him on track to be 7 to 8 lb at birth--definitely bigger than Aiden. My fluid levels are also fine, so if we have to induce earlier this time, it won't be for the same reason as it was with Aiden. I have a blood draw to check my platelets this coming Wednesday, and then a consult with anesthesia at the hospital the Friday after that. There will definitely be some kind of plan by then.

Last Saturday, my bestest-bud-in-the-world Angie held a diaper shower for me! It was a busy weekend, so a lot of invited folks had other plans, but no big deal at all--I had so much fun with the folks that attended, and it was a very relaxing evening! Angie made SO MUCH food--lots of yummy dips--and of course one of her signature cakes. With all the diapers, wipes, and formula we received for Nolan--as well as the coconut-themed treats for me to feast on in the hospital--I felt extremely loved. Such a great feeling. :)

Last Saturday, I made my final out-of-town trip before we deliver. We headed up to Mansfield to visit my folks, but before we went there, we stopped at Apple Hill Orchard, a childhood favorite of mine, so that we could get some AMAZING apple cider and apple donuts. It was well worth the trip! We even bought some pumpkins (have I ever told you how much I LOVE fall?), and we got to pet a kitty cat who reminded me of my precious Snickers. Also, my friend Claire (who couldn't make it to the shower the evening before) stopped by to drop off a gift and show us her darling 6-month-old Owen--what a cutie!

Today we're getting ready for the monthly playdate with Angie, Rachel, Lawrene, and Quentin. We're having a tailgate party to watch the Buckeyes beat Eastern Michigan. Aiden has graciously offered to "help" me sweep the floors, so it's about time I get off this computer and start cleaning! Until next time...

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