Monday, November 29, 2010

10 Things I Think I Think, November Edition

10. I'm freaking out a little bit because Nolan is six weeks old today. HOLY CRAP. That means I only have six weeks of maternity leave left. This is going WAY TOO FAST. :(

9. To offset the scariness of #10, at least we have secured a new babysitter. I'm really excited about her, actually; our families really seemed to click when we went to meet her, she's located only 2 minutes from my employer, AND she was able to take both boys. That being said...

8. I'm a bit torn about pulling Aiden out of his daycare. We turned in our two-week notice last week, so next Friday is his last day. I love what they were able to do for him socially & speech-wise, but the financial burden was going to be too great. In the end, keeping him with his brother won out. He sure seemed to hit it off with the sitter & her little boys, though, so I think the transition will be easier than I initially anticipated.

7. SOOOOOO excited that I get a sneak peek at holiday family togetherness this weekend; my sister, BIL, and nephew will be visiting from SC this weekend! We've got a little munchkin to introduce to them...

6. How 'bout them Buckeyes?! The M*ch*gan game sure isn't what it used to be, but a win is a win (is a beatdown?), and we're back to the BCS. Another successful year for my boys!

5. LOVE having my Christmas decorations out. Aiden is really starting to "get" the holiday season (he's even been singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" randomly), and he was definitely excited to help decorate. The outcome is that we have A LOT of ornaments hung on the lower third of the tree. Oh well. :)

4. Thinking good thoughts for several folks dealing with both happy & sad news. And leaving it at that.

3. Thought the new Harry Potter movie was AWESOME; I knew it was going to be pretty dark, and it was, but they kept enough subtle humor in there to get the audience through. I'm both dreading and eagerly anticipating the final film this July...

2. Not sure how I feel about going in for my post-partum checkup tomorrow. I know she'll give me the go ahead to start losing the baby weight, and I have every intention of doing so, but geez, there's Christmas coming up, for crying out loud...

1. I'm going to be THAT person--I'm wrapping Christmas presents today. While drinking egg nog. In my pajamas. But it's only because I've only got a few days left before Aiden will be here with me. That and I need to take an inventory to make sure I'm truly finished.

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