Sunday, January 9, 2011

How I spent my Saturday

Apparently there's something about January that makes us want to install carpet tiles in our basement. Last year, I put down gray tiles in the "first room" of the basement. This year, we decided we need to upgrade the "second room" of the basement as well. We recently purchased a combination pool table/ping-pong table for that room, and the concrete floors with the inherited orange carpet remnant just wasn't working. Mike had painted the walls white & hung up a lot of his baseball memorabilia, but the floor was bringing the entire mood down. So off we headed to pick up some carpet tile, and this time we decided on a red & blue checkerboard pattern. I'm SOOOOOO thrilled with how it turned out--once again, it looks like an actual, usable room, AND it's much more kid-friendly! We have more plans--we want to build a bar in the far cubby, and then someday we'll put in a drop ceiling, but for now we're very content with the change. Besides, sitting on that floor and pounding down those tiles all day has made me a bit too sore to worry about installing a ceiling any time soon!


  1. HOW FUN!!! It looks fantastic!

  2. Very impressive.

    PS I hope going back to work went okay.

  3. I've wondered about carpet tiles! Thinking about replacing the stained carpet in the kids' room. Any recommendations?