Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Things I Think I Think, July Vacation Edition

10. The weather never seems to fully cooperate with me when I have time off. This week, however, has been pretty decent. The heat is stymieing my plans a bit today, but otherwise, it's been all sunshine since Saturday afternoon.

9. We took Aiden to a Clippers game on Sunday. It was an event sponsored by my employer, so we got food & tickets for a good price. It was pretty steamy at the ballpark, and it was Aiden's first time sitting in his seat for the whole game (as opposed to running around in the outfield grass seats). He did great, though, even when Mommy accidentally dumped some beer on his head when he stopped short in front of her.

8. Is today really Wednesday? Because it feels like Tuesday. Or Monday. Honestly, I have no idea. I get really messed up on holiday weekends, and it's even worse since I'm not at work this week.

7. I scrapbooked yesterday. It felt good. And it was sooooooo easy to clean up since I gave all my stuff a dedicated place in the hall closet. :)

6. Nolan is--oh my gosh. He is just ridiculous right now with what he's learning. In the past three weeks, he has learned to crawl, sit unsupported, pull himself up to stand next to furniture, use a sippy cup, wave bye-bye, and in his silly mumbling the other night, he stopped me dead in my tracks when he looked at me and said, "Ma-ma-ma-ma!"

5. I was supposed to have my first party as a Scentsy consultant last night but it was rescheduled due to perfectly understandable circumstances. Now I have two parties in three days in a few weeks, and I'm excited for both!

4. Baby showers for Lawrene and Angie are both done. Now all we need are the babies, whose arrivals seem pretty imminent. It's about time to meet these kids! Next up in the Showersphere? A bridal shower for my sister Abby in September.

3. We had a great time Monday celebrating the Fourth of July at the Ohio Historical Center. They had the entire Ohio Village opened, as well as lots of folks dressed in period attire, a parade, an old-time band, ice cream tasting, and of course, a baseball game. They even let all the kids take a turn at bat once the game was done. Mike helped Aiden hit the ball--and then he promptly ran towards third base instead of first. :) I guess we've got some time to work on that...

2. I'm freaking out just a bit that it's July, and I'm not even half-way done with my Christmas shopping. I'm usually about 75% finished by this point. I'm calming myself a bit by reminding myself that I've already purchased Halloween costumes for the boys, and I've made good progress with Nolan's 1st Birthday planning. :)

1. I DESPERATELY need to make a trip to the grocery store. Guess that will be our venture outside the house today. This will be the first time I take both boys, so an adventure surely awaits...

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