Sunday, July 10, 2011

End of Vacation and the Elephant in the Blog

I'm getting the Sunday night blues a little early today; it's my last day after a week's vacation home with the boys, and I'm getting that sinking feeling in my stomach, reminding me I have to go back to work tomorrow. Ech. It's NOT that I don't like my job; it's just that I love being with my kids. Yes, it was a long, hectic week--especially because I was the lone adult Tuesday through Friday--but it was a good week. I have some cute kids. :)

So, what's the elephant in the blog? Oh, that would be my horribly neglected Project 365 (see link above). I believe I abandoned it sometime back in March. Boo, bad Kimmie. The thing is, I do take at least one picture a day, but apparently I'm too lazy to post it. So I'm going to try linking up with another blog this week to do a phone-camera dump and try it that way. Stay tuned, I guess.

Speaking of photos, I'm leaving you with a few from Miss Rachel's birthday party (unfortunately, I don't have any of the birthday girl herself because a) she doesn't hold still and b) I had to attend to Aiden after he kissed the pavement):

I don't even mind that Aiden's got a goofy grin.
I'm just happy he (almost) stayed still long enough for Daddy to snap a photo).

Two of my most favoritest guys ever. :)

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