Monday, July 18, 2011

Nine Months Old

Nolan is now 3/4 of the way finished with his first year of life.

Good grief.

He's an energetic, impatient, hilarious, strong-minded, loving, hungry, sweet cuddle-bug. To shorten up on that, he's an absolute joy. :)

At 9 months, Nolan:

--weighs 18 lb 14.5 oz and is 28.75 inches long. By comparison, Aiden was 16 lb 13 oz and 27.5 inches. Slight difference. :)
--has mastered crawling. He chugs along mostly, but if he sees something he really wants (i.e. Mommy, Daddy, or Aiden), he turns on the burners and gets there in hurry, usually with a delighted scream. So fun to watch.
--gets into EVERYTHING. He loves to make a mad dash to the modem whenever someone is using the computer. He has also crawled UP onto our fireplace hearth a few times, so we've had to get creative with our blockades.
--is pulling himself up on furniture. Now that I'm really not ready for.
--enjoys "chasing" Aiden around the living room; it is hilarious to listen to the two of them giggle so ridiculously. :)
--has tried a sippy cup a few times with mixed results. We're pressing on.
--now says "Gah!" regularly, mostly when he's "talking" to Aiden.
--is awaiting the imminent eruption of his first upper tooth. Any day now...
--still eats like food it's going out of style.
--is wearing 9-month clothes, but we're getting closer to 12-month. Egads.
--has a KILLER smile, especially when he lifts his chin (see above). Makes me giggle every time. :)

I can't believe he'll be into the double-digits next month. Time goes INSANELY faster with Baby Number 2. But that time is no less precious.

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