Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Things I Think I Think, Random-Day-Off-in-August Edition

10. Random day off today; it's the first day of school for our sitter's kids, so I've got my boys all to myself today. Our plans? Go visit Angie and Lawrene and introduce ALL the playdate kiddos (veterans and newbies) to each other. After that, my parents are coming for dinner. Busy day, but in a good way.

9. Big changes coming soon to this blog. As in a new name and redesign. I'm more than slightly excited about it. :)

8. I recently joined LinkedIn. Kinda caught a bit of a networking bug, and I'm not sure it's going to end there; we had a speaker from a local non-profit at work yesterday, and she was very inspiring, so now I'm thinking of joining that, too. Another chance for you to stay tuned.

7. We have no plans for this weekend. It kind of freaks me out, but if nothing is listed in my new planner, then nothing's happening.

6. Nolan is having his one-year photos taken in just over four weeks. Who the heck replaced my baby with with this munchkin that's knocking on the door of Toddlerdom?!

5. Woke up to thunderstorms this morning. Didn't exactly help my plans to sleep in as Aiden was scared and required cuddling. Mommy didn't object. :)

4. Buckeye football starts a week from Saturday. Completely-blown-out-of-proportion-and-yet-relentlessly-and-needlessly-covered-by-ESPN "scandal" aside, I'm excited to see my boys on the field.

3. I keep looking at myself in the mirror and thinking I should do more about losing the last ten pounds of Aiden + Nolan weight. But then again, I already have my bridesmaid dress for my sister's November wedding, and it fits perfect right now, so maybe I'll just hang on to the poundage in favor of no alterations. Priorities, you know.

2. Aiden's Tim Bit obsession caused a little problem for us yesterday; he likes to carry around the little case them come in, and last night he must have left it within Nolan's reach. Before you could blink an eye, we had several Tim Bits smashed into the living room rug. I allowed Daddy take care of that one.

1. I'm starting to see more mums & pumpkins & all things orange in the stores, and the weather for the next week is forecasted to be comfortable as opposed to oppressive. I love summer and all, but fall is the freakin' bee's knees. Bring it on. :)

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