Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ten Months Old

We've hit double-digits, folks.

I'm a sighing in defeat as I type this. My baby is growing up too stinkin' fast, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. It's a total mix of emotions, though, because I both mourn and celebrate each passing milestone. I'm so proud of his accomplishments, but I'm so sorry to say goodbye to his babyisms.

But, I'm guessing you don't visit the blog to listen to me whine, so on to the update.

At 10 months, Nolan:

--probably weighs about the same as last month. He's suffered through a virus and an ear infection in the past couple weeks that kind of knocked his appetite down a bit, so we're just getting back to normal. We'll probably hit some kind of growth spurt soon.

--cruises along all our furniture, but still has some things to figure out before we can legitimately say he's close to walking. He still thinks he needs to jump on his tippy-toes in order to get anywhere whilst upright. I'm in no hurry for him to walk though, so that's fine with me.

--makes a hilarious scrunchy face when he smiles. It cracks me up! He's such a stinker.

--continually works on more teeth. He's got a total of four, with two more pretty close to popping out.

--loves to do this weird thing where he turns his tongue upside down. Mike can't do it, but I can, so it looks like he picked up that trait from Mommy. :)

--has pretty much just two ridiculous nicknames; he's my Pumpkin Pie and my Pooky-Poo.

--is fitting quite snuggly into his 9-month clothes. I'm trying to make them work, but I might have to give in and purchase a few 12-month summer outfits to get us by.

--is still a fantastic eater, and I'm looking forward to introducing new textures & flavors now that the sickies are behind us.

--suddenly is more accepting of cuddling with Mommy. This is my most favorite development EVER. :)

In a little over a month, we have his one-year photos scheduled, and then after that, it's time for a first birthday party. After that...I don't even know. :)

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