Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aiden Right Now

Lately, this kid has been cracking me up.

--He FREAKS OUT when the Tim Horton's commercial comes on, screaming "TIM BITS!!! I LOVE TIM BITS!!! But I don't like the blueberry ones!!!"

--He has told me many times recently that I'm his best friend, and I promise it's not a paid endorsement. MELT.

--On the way to the sitter's house this morning, he beamed at Nolan and said "Hi, dumba$$!" Guess I need to work on my road rage.

--He has an obsession with mowing the lawn, or as he calls it, "lawn-mowering." He's even gone so far as to convince his grandpa to re-mow a perfectly cut lawn just so he can follow along with his toy mower.

--He is the best big brother E-V-E-R; he is always so concerned for his brother's well-being. I realize this might not survive past the point Nolan can start stealing his toys, but for now, it's heartwarming to watch.

He's my big boy, and he makes me ridiculously happy. :)