Monday, August 1, 2011

The One With All the Poop

I am so tired of poop.

When Aiden was only a few months old, I used to worry because he would only grace us with a Number Two every few days. It was unnerving, really, for this first-time mom, because I thought Wow, he must be really constipated! But apparently that's just how the kid's system works.

Flash forward to Mr. Nolan. Remember him?

Yeah. Instead of going every few days, it's typical for this little dude to do it every few hours. Quite the difference.

But this past week? He's been on POOP OVERLOAD.

Between a nasty virus that swept through our house AND the arrival of several of his upper teeth (with more on the way!), I've probably spent more time changing diapers in the past week than I did when he was only days old. And I'm tired of it.

But he's worth it. Poop and all.


  1. ...........and I know my poop, too!

  2. Poo Poo thinks he's cute......

  3. This is such a cute narrative! I do enjoy poop stories. :)

    The pictures compliment the tone of the writing perfectly!