Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Week (49) in Instagram

*Full birth story still in the works. For now, enjoy some photos of our first week home :)

Sunday 12/9/12: Excited about my new PJs. And about the fact I got out of bed without help.

Monday 12/10/12: Ready to bust out of the hospital.

Monday 12/10/12: Playdoh fun with Daddy :)

Monday 12/10/12: First night home went GREAT; he's both a good eater and sleeper. 
We'll probably keep him.

Tuesday 12/11/12: All chilled out at his first pediatric checkup. Nothing phases him.

Thursday 12/13/12: Lego towers are a good distraction.

Friday 12/14/12: Late lunch.

Saturday 12/15/12: Aiden LOVES to hold Justin. He's my little Mommy. :)

Sunday 12/16/12: Coffee tables make awesome beds, even if no one is sitting on the couch...

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  1. Oooooh my baby fever is officially out of control looking at your littlest! Congrats!!