Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Week (50) in Instagram

Tuesday 12/18/12: Our elf--Ermahgerd--is quite the daredevil.

Wednesday 12/19/12: Still waiting for this kid to get difficult (knocking on wood).
He only gets up once overnight and then goes right back to sleep. No joke.

Wednesday 12/19/12: Someone was feeling MUCH better on his second day at home with a nasty cold.

Wednesday 12/19/12: Santa Baby. So glad we got to use this pram
with another baby (it was originally Nolan's):)

Thursday 12/20/12: Like father, like son.

Friday 12/21/21: Celebrated the Apocalypse by letting my
amazing sister Megan take Justin's newborn photos :)

Friday 12/21/12: Justin snoozing under the blanket Aunt Megan made him. Yup, she does it ALL. :)

Saturday 12/22/12: Can't believe it's this close already. Where did December go?!

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