Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Week (51) in Instagram

 Sunday 12/23/12: Early morning dance party on the couch.

 Sunday 12/24/12: Santa came to our house one night early 
so Daddy could watch the boys open presents the next morning. 
We compensated his flexibility with a Christmas Ale.

Monday 12/24/12: Santa feet, complete with tiny hats. Not much cuter than that.

Monday 12/24/12: Justin & I made it through the whole day in our PJs. We win at Christmas. :)

Tuesday 12/25/12: I hope Christmas is as good in heaven as
they say it is, Mom, because we sure missed you down here.

Tuesday 12/25/12: Best. Decoration. Ever. I wouldn't be surprised
if these eventually replaced Christmas trees.

Tuesday 12/25/12: Ending a good Christmas with a good beer.

Wednesday 12/26/12: Morning After Christmas = Play with ALL THE TOYS

Wednesday 12/26/12: Finally, his very own Cecil Seahorse
(since Nolan refused to give his up). He's a fan.

Thursday 12/27/12: This art set is one of the least expensive things 
Santa brought, so of course it's his favorite item. 

Thursday 12/27/12: Goofing around with Aunt Abby during lunch at Noodles & Co.

Friday 12/28/12: At-home McDonald's dinner date with The Middle. :)

Saturday 12/29/12: More icky white stuff. We've gotten more snow
in the last three days than we did all last winter. YECH.

Saturday 12/29/12: New snow pants & boots. Ready to help Daddy shovel.

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  1. We have that same seahorse, but ours is named Seabiscuit... Merry Christmas!