Saturday, May 25, 2013

The last few weeks in Instagram

And once again, I had to take a little hiatus. I feel like I apologize for that a lot. There's just So. Much. going on right now, and I hope to share some news soon. For now, here's a visual catch-up on what we've been up to.

Monday 5/13/13: Nutella is best worn on the lips.

 Wednesday 5/15/13: My Mother's Day flowers still look 
amazing; this was thee days after I received them,
but they still look beautiful nearly 2 weeks later!!!

 Thursday 5/16/13: Had to wait much longer than I wanted
to meet this cutie due to my sinus infection. Worth the wait :)

 Thursday 5/16/13: Supported sitting? Ain't no thang.

 Saturday 5/18/13: Intermission at Les Miserables.
Even better than the last time I saw the live show.

 Sunday 5/19/13: O Captain, my captain.

 Sunday 5/19/13: The star-crossed lovers :)

 Sunday 5/19/13: Playdate at the ballpark was mostly a success :)

 Monday 5/20/13: The line at Starbucks was MUCH too long for my liking.

 Wednesday 5/22/13: Waking up Daddy :)

 Friday 5/24/13: Just after Extreme Meltdown, Haircut Edition.
Oh how I envy those beautiful lashes.

 Friday 5/24/13: They say he looks a bit like me :)

Saturday 5/25/13: Quick visit with Daddy while he was posted
near our shopping trip. 

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